miracleMAX: Rick Clingman, all instruments, vocals, audio engineer, producer; Morgan Locklear, song lyrics, vocals; Diane Dawson, harmony vocals; Laura Dawson, harmony vocals.

This an album of really terrific songs, excellent vocals, fine writing and musicianship and absolutely no money for marketing.

The most successful artists have teams of people working full-time to get their name out into the public.  To promote their music to the gatekeepers of radio, satellite radio, streaming services, etc. so that you can find them and become fans.  As you can imagine, this takes a LOT of money.

Like the vast majority of artists who don’t have a record label promoting them, miracleMAX had no way to find you. To say, “Hey, check out this great song,” and “You gotta hear this really interesting band.” 

So now here’s your chance to listen to the great songs from this really interesting band. Here are the tracks from the Long Distance album.