Gypsy Banned

Gypsy Banned L to R: Steve Wolfenbarger, guitar; Scott Daley sax & keyboards; Durby Wheeler, bass guitar; Rick Clingman, double-neck guitar; Marvin Gillum, guitar & trumpet;  Jim Thompson, drums (behind Marvin).

When The Guerillas disbanded it turns out that The Esquires (still together and in it’s 4th iteration) also fell apart.  Three Guerillas members joined up with three Esquires and voila, a new band was formed from the ashes of two previous ones.  

This group was initially named Laughing Gravy (remember, it WAS the 60s!) to help Dean Torrance of Jan and Dean support a side project he was producing.  When that project fell apart, the group continued on as Gypsy Banned (a name inspired by Jimi Hendrixs’ Band of Gypsys album). 

The guys played out extensively and were the house band for several months at the legendary Gazzarri’s on Sunset Strip (pictured above).  During this time they went in the studio and recorded these three songs here, all unreleased.