The Guerillas

The Guerillas: Bob Hill, guitar; Steve Wolfenbarger, guitar; Rick Clingman, guitar; John Schmidt, bass guitar; Dave Sterling, drums.

The Guerillas recorded “Lonely” as the A side of a single on the Donna label (a division of DelFi Records) in 1965 at the DelFi Recording Studio in Hollywood, California. The song was written by Guerillas guitarists Bob Hill and Steve Wolfenbarger. The song received some radio support by being selected as Pick Hit of the Week but the record company failed to put on any marketing effort.  Even worse, in early 1966, both Bob Hill and John Schmidt were inducted into the service. 

Enjoy “Lonely” from 1965, then give a listen to “Lonely2000” a remake produced by Bob Hill and Rick Clingman to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Guerillas.