The Esquires

The Esquires: Durby Wheeler, bass guitar; Rick Clingman, guitar; Jeff Armstrong, guitar; Shannon Whitchurch, drums.

Rick Clingman and Durby Wheeler were childhood friends in Dayton, Ohio.  Durby’s dad played saxophone and Rick’s dad played Hammond organ and they would get together and make music.  

In 1962, Rick’s family moved to the Los Angeles area in Southern California.  Shortly thereafter, Durby’s family moved there too. Rick and Durby hung out together and became fans of instrumental surf music. Hearing Dick Dale on the radio and watching The Surfaris at the Azusa Teen Club got them itching to play guitar and start a band. 

Within a year Rick and Durby started The Esquires, recorded and released a record, and were playing at the Azusa Teen Club and many other venues. They were 14 years old at that time.

While promoting their record, they were asked to do a live broadcast at a radio station. That performance was recorded and some years later released on vinyl and compact disc. You can find the Flashing’ Red album streaming and for sale all over the internet.

Here are the A and B sides of that first record.