early songseeds

I got my first tape recorder when I was a kid in 1961. Two years later my best friend and I started The Esquires and released a record. Music, songwriting and recording became a lifelong passion. 

In the 60s and early 70s when I was playing in bands, I was the guy who brought out a tape recorder and captured both the pretty good and pretty bad of some of those bands. Some of the pretty good is here in the songseeds archive. While most people have photo snapshots of the years of their life, I have audio recordings!

Early songseeds are songs that I’ve written and recorded throughout my life as my songwriting skill evolved and my recording system improved.   I’ve included some of the more interesting ones here for you to enjoy. 

My roommate showed me how you could make music using a Macintosh computer. This is the first song I wrote using a computer interfaced to a synthesizer.

Near the end of 1999 everyone was scared that when the year 2000 came all the computers would freak out.  They didn’t. For some reason, that inspired this instrumental short.

After years of recording on analog tape recorders I bought my first digital audio recorder. This is the song I wrote and recorded the first day I had it.

I noticed an attraction between two people where I worked so I wrote this fictional adaptation based on my observations.

Every creative person I’ve known has dreaded the need to have what is disaffectionatly called a “day job” that eats up all their time and energy. Resources they would rather spend on their creative endeavors. Here’s a “dark” song about it.

I am cursed with terribly pale skin. I was even hospitalized with sunburn as a toddler. Now when summer comes and the weather is hot, it makes me a bit fearful. So I wrote this song about it.