Dr. Stone


Where’s the band picture?  We don’t know!  No one seems to have a picture of Dr. Stone. If you have a picture of Dr. Stone, let us know at: dr.stone@songseeds.com 

Here’s the band lineup: Marvin Gillum, guitar; Steve Wolfenbarger, guitar; Rick Clingman, bass guitar;  Robbie Thomas, drums.

Dr. Stone marked the turning point for Rick from guitar to bass guitar.  In 1966 he had his arm twisted by a friend in another band (The Classics) to set in on bass guitar for a battle of the bands. Their bassist had suddenly quit and they were in a pinch. Rick had never played bass and didn’t own one but his friends dad ran a great music store and was willing to loan him one for this gig. So Rick agreed. The Classics (a terrific R&B group with a horn section) won that battle and Rick had such a great time that he bought a’66 Fender Precision bass. It wasn’t until Dr. Stone (3 years later) that he finally began using it and he still owns that bass today.

Here are four original unreleased songs by Dr. Stone for your listening pleasure.