My name is Rick Clingman and in the year 2000, I started songseeds records.

In the 1980s I began collecting song ideas on audiocassettes which I labeled “songseeds.” Eventually some of those ideas evolved into full fledged songs. 

I’m currently writing and recording some of the best songs ever and releasing those songs under the project name “songseeds.” I’m also enjoying a great collaboration my former bandmate from The Guerillas, Robert Michael Hill.

Look for both the “songseeds” and “SongSeeds & Hill” names on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube and many other streaming services. Please add the songs you like to your playlists.

Check out the songseeds archive

ABOUT THE ARCHIVE: I started playing in bands in 1963. The archive contains recordings (most of them unreleased) from some of those bands.

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songseeds and songseeds and Hill can be found on all of the major streaming services.